About Me, Dr. Maha Broum

Author/Educational Consultant on School Administration, Development and Policy Planning/Teacher and Principal Trainer.

After earning my Ph. D. in educational administration and policy studies from University of Pittsburgh, I held several leadership positions in education, including assistant professor, superintendent, and international consultant. I coach teachers and principals on how to make sound professional decisions, develop their teaching and leadership skills, and consult schools and colleges on policies and strategic plans.

I am a member of several professional organizations, have published several articles and presented papers at national and international conferences in highly recognized academic institutions like Harvard, UCLA, University of Georgia, among others. In October 2012 I published my first book, ‘Parenting under Stress’ which was greatly welcomed by parents, parent support groups and child and family advocates.

I have work experience in the Middle East and North America, and understand both value systems. I am committed, determined, always positive and professional at work and get great self-fulfillment from developing individual potential and community resources.

Current professional interests are:

  • Educational policies, strategic and action plans, and program design;
  • Teacher training, teacher development and PLCs;
  • Teaching ESL, international student administration and multicultural education;  and
  • Emotional and mental health of children and young adults.

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