Educational Consulting

The Canadian Center for Excellence in Education (CCEE)


CCEE provides professional services to educational institutions in more than one country with high satisfaction rate from clients.


As the world of education changes rapidly, a need for educational leadership, teacher training and new policies evolve. New leadership skills, teacher development programs and policies on digital media are crucial. Educational institutions are responding to new demands and issues.


The CanadianCenter for Excellence in Education is dedicated to delivering solutions. It builds on research and educational theory to implement in practice. Success in helping principals and teachers achieve their goals is our passion from which we get great satisfaction.


Services provided by CCEE


Educational Administration and Policy

  • Planning and coordinating policies for specific subjects, a department, or an institution;
  • Developing programs that support the whole teaching/learning process;
  • Developing and establishing guidelines for educational programs;
  • Reviewing and evaluating programs already implemented in schools to adjust, delete, or continue with them;
  • Identifying and responding to client’s needs;
  • Making sure regulations are in accordance with national provisions on education;
  • Preparing recommendations on resources: textbooks, instructional materials, and software;
  • Preparing and approving manuals for parents, teachers and students;
  • Preparing reports to school administrators on official policies;
  • Conducting research on best practices and ways of implementation;
  • Setting standards for teaching and supervision;
  • Giving school administrators new perspective, knowledge and inspiration.


Teacher Development

  • Alone and/or with the school administrator, hiring teachers according to school’s needs and administrator’s directions;
  • Helping beginning teachers develop a professional identity;
  • Further developing teachers’ basic competencies;
  • Helping teachers enjoy the profession and give their best;
  • Helping teachers improve their teaching performance;
  • Promoting the well being of teachers by helping them deal with life and career stressors;
  • Initiating and developing a mentorship program;
  • Initiating and developing a professional learning program;


We at the CCEE are experts in resource material be it text, video, audio, software, or an application that supports learning. We help educators by providing resources or list of resources that serve as background material for research in most educational topics.


For educational businesses: Support to tutoring programs, after school programs, and daycares.

For administrators: Whether it is a 10-minute presentation or a program you want to start in your school, do not hesitate to request our help for up-to-the minute material on your theme.

For teachers: Writing a course paper? Doing research on a specific topic for a school committee? We provide you with the background material on that issue.

For parents:  We can find the information you need on your child’s education: transitions, applications, admission tests, Scholarships, etc…


Clients have expressed great satisfaction with services provided for the added value to their institutions and the tools to make their job more efficient.


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