Listening to our own voice

These days, we are too busy listening to the world around us that we don’t pay attention to our own voice.  And the world is too noisy!

What do we hear when we listen to the world?

  • Voice of media and commercials: loud music, 24-hr. TV, pop-ups on the net, visuals that encourage us to buy (and feel bad when we don’t), ads that tell us how to look, what to eat, how to dress, violence and wars, terrorism, destruction and fear, etc…
  • Voice of the community (tradition): Things are done in one way “We have always done it this way!” and there is no room for the individual to think wisely for a change for the better.
  • Voice of authority, be it government or religion: “We will tell what is right and what is wrong”. “The others are coming after us to kill us! Be afraid! Here, you take some weapons to defend yourself!”
  • Voice of competition and material success: “To succeed, you must be famous and rich”. It also means paying for media to collect fake awards and recognitions as well as followers on social media.
  • Voice of perfection: The world makes you believe things can be perfect. Not true. Better compete with yourself to improve, and be realistic about getting to be perfect.

Losing yourself is the most painful feeling, while the biggest satisfaction comes from being yourself.

Mindfulness and listening to our own voice is a very courageous act, and for that we need to be ready to be ourselves, a unique person with unique ideas. With the essence of humanity deep in our soul, we can overcome all threats to achieving our own distinction.

We should trust our own voice. We need to believe in ourselves, in the good in ourselves and in others.

We need to slow down and not do too much to the degree that we don’t have time to sit quietly with our own souls.

We need to find a quiet place to listen to our souls to allow for dreaming and creating. Our inner voice leads our way and recharge us every minute of the day to overcome challenges.

Pray, meditate, dream! There are many routes to tap into ourselves and discover what lies within.

Our voice is who we really are.

Listen to others. BUT do not lose your own voice! “Be yourself”. Don’t allow yourself to be judged by the wrong people and their standards. By those I mean the negative people who doubt you and your abilities to achieve your dream.

The height of wisdom is to “Know yourself” (Greek saying).

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